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19.11.2005, 18:54 Uhr
Alejandro Lavarello

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The creation of long filenames in a PC with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 using
Alexandre´s Calmira 3.3 LFN do not work. (At least in our old 386 PC).
I can create / access / delete long filenames in plain MS DOS 6.22 (Spanish) in this machine, using LDIR, LREN, etc (ODI's LFN tools). It works OK in DOS.

I also have installed DOSLFN 0.40 and LFNXLAT.386.
Sometimes Calmira´s Explorer shows long filenames, but is unable to rename short filenames with long names.

We have several problems with this version of Calmira:
0) Installer from geocities page dont work (minor problem).
1) Recycle Bin dont work (hangs computer).
2) Alias creation dont work (hangs computer).

In 27/september/2005 I have received an e-mail from Alexandre´s. He is trying to improve the code: "[...]Well, when I have some time I'll try to fix everything, and I'll mail you then [...]"
I think that still it has not been able to improve the code...
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