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Windows NT 3.1 was the very first version of NT, just bearing the version number 3.1 to fit best into the Microsoft product family of that time (Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.1). On the face of it, it has a striking resemblance to Windows 3.1 - and this was on purpose, to make things easier for those users who changed from 3.1 to NT. However, beneath the familiar surface, you'll find a true 32bit operating system, which has very little in common with the 16bit GUIs.
NT 3.1 was shipped in two different versions: One that was simply entitled as "Windows NT Operating System Version 3.1" (the "Desktop Version") and another one called "Windows NT Advanced Server Version 3.1". I've lately installed successfully the first one on a Pentium-200 box. The NT 3.1 HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) is quite limited, as to be expected. But this shouldn't deter us from trying ;-) At least concerning motherboards and hard disks, NT is quite "nonchalant", but SCSI and VGA cards should better be not too odd...
This page is meant to give a summary of my experiences with NT 3.1. Furthermore, I'm trying to build a collection of links and information on NT 3.1, as there is to be found very little about it on the web. This may be explained by the fact that NT 3.1 wasn't at all widespread, unlike 3.51 or even 4.0.

Here are a few links:

NT 3.1 Hardware Compatibility List, as by March 1994, MS Word format (zipped 49K).
Windows NT Info Page by Dirk Schwarze.
Windows NT 3.1, inside the GUI Gallery, including a number of screenshots.
NT 3.1 screenshot with Calmira.
Windows NT and VMS: The Rest of the Story.
Microsoft Software Library Mirror, containing Windows 3.x and NT 3.x Utilities, Service Packs and more.
Bear-Windows: Information about pre-2000 NT versions, including a universal VESA driver.
Windows NT 3.1 Apache web server, HTTP 1.1 compliant, hosted by Jason Stevens.
Installing Windows NT 3.1 on Qemu, by Jason Stevens.

NT 3.1 Service Pack 3:
ALPHA version
i386 (x86) version
MIPS version
SP3 ISO image: upon request

More service packs, SDKs and DDKs:
Microsoft Developer Network - January 1995 - Disc 4 of 15, Additional Windows NT Service Packs, Windows 3.11 versions, SDK (Software Development Kits, and DDKs (Device Driver Kits).

If you have made your own experiences with NT 3.1, or have got further information or know about web sites dealing with NT 3.1, please drop me a line , so that I can complete this page accordingly.